Goals and Objectives

The ReForum project was founded in April 2020. The goal of the project is to create a platform for discussing the necessary positive changes in Russian society. In order to achieve this, we have launched an online platform for expert discussions, comments, and publication of reports. ReForum also conducts seminars and organizes discussion sessions online and offline for experts outside of Russia.

The purpose of the project is to develop a roadmap of reforms for Russia. ReForum is striving to create a positive agenda for the Russian society, which could ignite interest among the majority number of its citizens.

The project is wide open for cooperation with Russian scientists, as well as with public and political figures, who are active in their field for those who live both in Russia as well as abroad. Project experts will propose and discuss certain reforms, which are possible both under the current political system, and within the potential political period of transformation changes in the country.

The project exists and is supported and sustained by grants which it receives from non-profit organizations and does not have affiliation with any political figures, parties, or business representatives.